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Important reminder: Everyone on the internet is a real person.

Go read this. It’s really important.

Be kind to one another.

he’s not even doing anything funny, he’s just looking at milk.


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Why should I choose to be unhappy .. As a reflection of your own life

No bueno


"Some won’t and don’t understand and that’s okay"


In being myself I’ve come to terms that it’s okay to not always have the answers

And that’s perfectly okay


- Dstar said it

She’s my best friend , I’ve never met anyone who completely understand every facet of my complex being . It seems unreal despite my attempts to push her out my life to peruse those who I thought were the one …. 

She stuck around , she hears my cries and catches each tear in her hands and consoles me , comforts me God defiantly sent her to me . 

I grappled with fear with this risk how can I possibly be In love with her when my past has been a lack of hers but she knows everything about me.

In coming out to her she laughed and said so what ? 

I’m in love in short wow there I said it .. I’m in love it’s been over 2 years she’s been my rock when dudes and people treated me like crap she was forever consistent.

I am ready for love 

Moving forward I don’t need to define myself with her because she is the definition to each other , perfectly indifferent yet matched .

I’m not hiding her no more out of fear this is her my love

"I used to be in love with Frank ocean but now I love her"

Sexy isn’t always about boobs or butts. It’s the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you think.

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I’m learning to tell my story without the fear of being judged by everyone in the critical world


I wish someone could understand me and let me vent my feelings …

While they played an acoustic guitar and some Jill Scott vocals in the background



I’m waiting patiently though time is moving slow

I’m in love




I always feel like trying to be sexy isn’t sexy … Just be you that’s what makes you sexy .

Just reviewing some people that I know .. Lol im looking through Instagram


my happiness does not need your approval remember that for future reference when you feel the need to be honest and real.. i don’t care

"PEOPLE are ruled by sexuality it’s like that is the defining matter…. which i think is a mess ….. can we just co exist as humans and love like Jesus did"


Felicia “Fo” Porter