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Gay people get really hostile when you don’t support gay marriage …

There are some things that not all people are going to support

1) You can’t force people
2) Don’t let it discourage you from doing you
3) In life you live for you and not to please others

I personally do not agree but guess what that’s my opinion does that mean I should be attacked or called a hater / homophobic ( which wouldn’t make sense anyway.

LIVE FOR YOU and NOT others something I’m learning especially on social networks ,why should do irrelevant people have power in your life ?

So to the gays you don’t need to defend yourself and attack others it’s okay if people don’t agree

*kanye shrug*



i’m like 102% tired

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Common - The Light (Like Water For Chocolate, 2000)

This is the anthem

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Birthday part 2! 
God has truly blessed me, all my sisters came out to celebrate with me, I love each and every one of you 💕

Woop woop happy birthday ma TURN up


I’m just letting you know again

If I see porn I automatically unfollow
I don’t mind nude art but yo I ain’t trying to see your lungs and kidney lol


"One Wrong Word and It's Over" — Or Why We Leave Too Fast



I think at times we tend to hold people in a constantly precarious position, so that if they fall even slightly in any direction, we crush them with a label and rush for the exit and burn every bridge and ramp and highway. It’s like we deliberately keep everyone…





Donald Andrews Jr. A Black man  and Business Owner from New York was cleared just last April After being Arrested on Drugs Charges in Scotia, New York.    Police were “suspicious” of Donald Andrews Jr.’s store, which sells incense and smoking paraphernalia, and sent undercover informants several times in March. In one of the informants visits he is seen on Andrews hidden camera planting Crack Cocaine on the counter in Andrews Store.

Andrews was arrested in April  2013 and cleared only after he asked a Grand Jury to watch the surveillance footage from his store. The informant used a cellphone photo he took of the planted drugs as evidence that Andrews was dealing, leading to his arrest.


The police claim that the informant has now “fled” and they haven’t found his whereabouts. The sheriff “claims” his investigators didn’t purposely framed Andrews and have the “informant” out to be some rogue agent.

FYI this same “informant” has lead to seven other drug-related arrests the Report says. 

Sounds like a Movie right? But yall still out here calling people “conspiracy theorists”. 

Andrews is now in the process of suing NYPD.

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Nice! Stick I too em.

Police planting crack to lock up Black people is no conspiracy theory. It’s American History (1980-present).

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So dopeeeee

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Daniel Radcliffe for Essential Homme Magazine by Kevin Sinclair.

Oh damn. Fuck it up Harry.


Lemme see ya wand, Harry!

when did this happen?


I like his hair

Someone looks good

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How i treat all the relationships i pursue


• I want you, I don’t need you, so if you’re disrespectful i’ll check you no hesitation.
• Once we’re together i’m committed everyone else is irrelevant.
• I’m gonna support, encourage, advise, and help you the best I can.
• I’m gonna be honest even if it hurts

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