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Yo even if you think someone’s sexuality isn’t what they say it is sexuality is a process that you grow in to and it is absolutely not your place to “call them out” on it wtf is that

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I can’t wait

Anonymous asked: would you ever put in a stripper pole in the bedroom?

Yeah why not it’s good exercise from what I heard

So I co interviewed Karlie Redd from 

Love and Hip Hop ATL

Check out her cap  “Redd”

And her new single “Heart breaker featuring Young Dro

Anonymous asked: You're a handsome dude! Just wanted to tell you that.

Aww really thanks anon

ty-billards asked: Do you have Instagram?


"She is my favourite colour"

Big eyes „ big lips .. Big everything 


e n d

"man if my silence could speak!"

Paloma ford

Is a hottie

Ménage a trios

Me at carnival

"A black guy with Curley hair and beard = 600 reblogs lol"

"I was tempted to delete my tumblr …. I jus feel like I’m done here"